Ether Alpaca Throw – Reversible


Energetic colors in muted shades is a great way to add color into a home without overwhelming the space. The Ether reversible alpaca throw features soft shades of blue, green, and grey. The colors are subdued and restrained, creating an effortlessly elegant and sophisticated home accessory.  Place it on your favorite couch or armchair not just as a decorative element, but so your loved ones will always be ready to relax by the fire or while reading a book.

Made of our signature blend of alpaca fiber, they’ll be enveloped in exquisite warmth and softness.

Material: 35% Baby Alpaca / 35% Super Fine Alpaca / 30% Acrylic




Alpacas are a highly revered animal in South America dating back hundreds of years with ties to ancient traditions.  Yearly the animals are sheared like sheep for the warmer months giving them a breath of relief from the warmer temperature to come.  The alpacas are never harmed and we only source material with highly respected producers of the fibers.  Feel easy, alpacas are treated as well as their warm fleece will treat you!

Many consider alpaca wool to be a higher quality material than cashmere. Alpaca is one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers. Don’t believe us? Just ask any Incan Emperor why only the royal families were allowed to wear it!

Alpaca wool does NOT contain lanolin, the chemical in many natural fibers responsible for people’s allergies.

Tired of showing up to your winter cocktail parties looking like an Eskimo? Alpaca wool has a naturally insulating core, keeping you warm without weighing you down!

Guess you’ll have to try it out for yourself on this one! Unless of course you have one of those new touch screens?

We use fair-trade policies to provide support to the community groups we work with. By purchasing Alpaca products, you are helping to maintain Incan traditions and keep the talents and skills of these artisans alive for generations to come!

Alpaca is considered as one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers. Hypo-allergenic, smooth as silk with moisture wicking properties & a natural insulating core. The perfect alternative to wool for total comfort!

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Care and Cleaning

May be hand washed in cool water, air dry, low setting on dryer for 10 min to fluff. Dry Clean is the recommended option. Use a light brush direction of fiber, iron on low in same direction if needed.

Return Policy

This piece is returnable within 30 days for refund of the value of the item.

More about the Product

The blankets and throws are made with alpaca, an all-natural fiber that is organic, hypo- allergenic, extremely warm and soft-as-silk!

Exceeding the simplicity of function, Shupaca fuses contemporary style with traditional fibers adding clean lines & rich bright hues that add warmth and texture to any space!

Our products are sourced
from South America by small collectives in remote areas of the Andean Mountain region. They are artisan-made, incorporating traditional weaving techniques passed on through generations of Incan craft.


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